The truest form of love has a special purpose, spoken in a certain language.

I once read a book that suggested we each have a unique method, a preference or natural inclination, for giving and receiving love. Our closest relationships bear the best fruit when we identify and share our particular “love language” with one another. In doing so, we are better able to recognize and receive love even when is extended in a form (language) with which we don’t naturally identify. When we know the love language of another, we trust that the one who is offering us love is expressing it as fully as he or she can. We are also better able to love others when we know what makes them feel most cherished.

If we could define the fullest expression of Jesus’ love as a language, it must certainly be surrender, the yielding of his purpose to his Father whose love for us prompted his purpose for his son, a purpose Jesus chose as his own. Ultimately, Jesus’ sacrifice was not to us, but for us.  Jesus’ surrender is an expression of love to his Father for his Father’s purpose to redeem his broken family.

Sacrifice is born from passion. Determine who or what is your passion and you’ll determine who or what you are willing to sacrifice.  Jesus’ confident surrender was possible only as a result of his passion for his Father. “I do these things so they will see how much I love the [my] Father.” Similarly, only a passion for our Father will convince us to yield our purpose to Him. As we begin to understand Jesus’ love, spoken in the language of surrendered purpose, we discover a greater passion to love the One who has preemptively redeemed us. Though it comes in fits and starts at first, as is the case with any second language, we begin to yield our purpose to our Father. The form of love we share changes hue and, in its gray tone, we are better able to confidently surrender to Him, for each other.

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