What if:

we knew how well-loved we are? There is a deficit in each of us, an uncertainty about who we are and why we are here. Sin-suffering compounds this deficit; we don’t know “who” and “why” in the face of enormous pain. If God were to somehow exist in this ugliness, we wouldn’t want anything to do […]



I have a friend who takes everything she can from me. Hand-me-down bikes and clothes, unabashed requests to grab her kids from daycare, eagerly accepted snacks and sometimes dinner on the porch once she sees that we’re home after another long day, endless chatter about the goings-on in her life, constant invitations to the zoo, parade, pool, […]



Recently, a friend said something in passing that nearly knocked me from my precarious balancing chair pose. She said, while torturing our trembling limbs with countless rounds of cobra and cat and every form of animal, “Balance is not that all parts weigh the same but that all parts create the whole”. In my fog and pooling […]