Bare, revisited

Fire, small and mean, spits at me, its red darting flames just like my daughter’s tongue when it protrudes from her mouth to scorn me. I scowl back. Fistfuls of smoke pour over the cauldron; howling winds grab the steam and fling it out on the high prairie beyond the grove of trees encircling me. […]



It’s scary out there. One of my children jumps like a jackhammer from her bed, sending reverberating ripples to windows and the warmish coffee I clutch in an entirely different room. I am reminded of Jurassic Park. Before I can recall whether the cast survived, I hear this same child sing-shout Jingle Bells using no more than three […]



“Do you know what I love most about God?” My daughter asks this as we share a brief breakfast date before preschool one morning. “No, sweetie. What’s that?” “His power,” she whispers, leaning across the table, balancing on eager elbows to give her words further weight. My 4-year old daughter gets it. Whenever she considers grace, this mysterious word […]