What if:

doing things well had nothing to do with doing them correctly? “Look into the eyes of your children and see God smile,” said my mom on a day I was tired of being tired. Their inky irises shone eager and hungry like always though this time I didn’t see needy beggars.¬†Somewhere deep inside those windows […]



“Do you trust me?” I smiled as these words reverberated in the deepest reaches of my mind, stirring my spirit as wind whipped sand. I lifted myself from its prone position, squinting against the fiery sunrise while brushing away bits of granite and moss. I replaced the lens cap of my Canon, stuffed it back […]



I needed to get up but couldn’t. Rather, seated and frozen, I willed the clock and my children to stop moving. If these would cease their audacious advance, I might, in the ensuing silence, locate the courage to cherish them.¬†But there, hands clutched round cool, faux wood-grain, I remained resolute, squarely bound in my armchair, […]