Hello friend!

The inspiration for this blog came out of a counseling appointment years ago. Let me explain…

“You need to learn to love gray.” My mouth flopped open and shut soundlessly several times as I searched for a valid argument against the truth flung from across the room. My husband seemed rather pleased by this, as he was the “gray” I was to learn to better love. As the words hung in the air, I began to see that what this particular life coach was encouraging would change my life if only I could find the courage to love without condition.

Many years have passed since gray became my new favorite color. Each day has been a step in that hue’s direction, although I would much prefer a giant leap. I have tasted the divine blessing that comes by loving gray. It is delicious – better even than the platter I was once served piled high with a multitude of artisan cheeses coated in things like ash and accompanied by hand-harvested wild fruit cooked down to brightly colored sauce and jam. Many foods I just eat; that plate deserved to be savored. The fruit of loving gray is riper, sweeter and more satisfying than anything we could imagine in the farm or kitchen. It does, however, have an awfully long growing season.

It is what I call “the truest story,” God’s word to us, that defines love as a radical blend of what we often misunderstand to be so black or white, either-or, good or bad, right or wrong. To love gray is to declare that love and messing up are not mutually exclusive, that grace is a powerful, present day invitation to be restored to the purpose God intends for us, and that despite the darkness lurking about many of our days, the storm does not derail the glory that is to come.

Bon appetit!

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